Die munisipaliteit het in sy antwoord aan Eastern Times oor die beweerde toestande en probleme by die Pretoria Oos begraafplaas beloof om altyd die verlangde en goeie instandhouding by begraafplase te verseker.

Eastern Times het in die 14 Oktober uitgawe berig oor inwoners se ongelukkigheid oor toestande by dié begraafplaas. Klagtes van bedelary, sokkerspelery tussen grafte,  skending van grafstene, verwaarloosde gronde en dies meer is ontvang (lees die berig op

Die munisipaliteit sê egter hoewel hulle bewus is van plakkers en bedelaars in die omgewing, weet hulle weet niks van die verwaarlosing van die perseel nie.

“Daar is ’n volle funksionele grassnytender in plek en 20 ‘Vat Alles’ werkers is toegeken vir algemene instandhouding van die begraafplaas,” het Lindela Mashigo, direkteur van mediaskakeling by die Tshwane metro gereageer.

Tydens Eastern Times se besoek aan die perseel op 28 Oktober is dié werkers wel by die begraafplaas aangetref, die gras was gesny en die gronde tussen grafte was skoon van rommel. Toestande was rustig en stil.

Maar die sokkerveld is wel op die perseel direk langs die grafte uitgemeet en wateremmers wat met winkeltrollies aangery word het wel getuienis gelewer van besoekers uit die informele nedersetting. Water word skynbaar van die perseel na die kamp aangedra.

Inwoners in die nabye omgewing sê die kamp langs die begraafplaas groei oornag. “’n Mens hoor hulle hammer en timmer, jy sien alle soorte dinge wat aangery word soontoe en niemand stop hulle nie,” sê ’n inwoner wat nie geïdentifiseer wil word nie uit vrees vir viktimisasie.

“Dit is hoekom die begraafplaas gevandaliseer word en onveilig is,” sê sy. “Daar is ‘n man wat selfs grond verhuur teen R100 per maand, hoewel die grond aan die munisipaliteit behoort.”

Volgens Masigo het die munisipaliteit ‘n sekuriteitsfirma aangestel om veiligheidsmaatreels by die begraafplaas te verseker, bedags en snags.

“Die Stad (van Tshwane) is bewus van die plakkers en bedelaars en die saak is tans by ons regs- en behuisingsdepartemente ingevolge ’n menseregtedispuut in verband met die saak,” sê Mashigo.

Good news for affected homeowners


Purchasers of property cannot be held liable for the outstanding rates and taxes of the previous owner of a property.

This is according to Charl Ferreira, an attorney at CEF Law in Pretoria.

Never in the past was this done, until municipalities started cashing in on a wrong interpretation of a judgment in a lawsuit between the City of Tshwane (CoT) and Mathabathe a while ago. They started claiming previous rates, taxes and other charges, not incurred by them, from new homeowners  who were relying on the rates clearance certificate that was issued by the municipality, stating that all due amounts have been paid.

The good news for homeowners is that it has been confirmed in a new case, (September 2014), between Mitchell and the CoT, that the interpretation of municipalities was incorrect. The new judgment says that a new homeowner is not liable for the payment of historical debts incurred by previous owners or occupiers of the property – it remains owing by the previous owner.

And the real good news is that “any person who has been forced to pay a debt incurred by a previous owner should immediately be refunded by the municipality concerned.”


Assistance offered

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has in the meantime invited any residents who are affected by the historical debt ruling handed down by the North Gauteng High Court, to contact them for assistance.
Councillor Adriana Randall says: “The recent ruling has corrected the misconception that home owners are liable for a previous owners’ unpaid municipal debt. It also prevents the City from refusing to connect services for the new property owners where this debt remains unpaid.”
She said the CoT now has a responsibility to refund those persons who have been subject to this unjust requirement prior to this ruling. Affected members of the public can contact her with their request for a refund and details of their particular case by emailing

Solidarity Helping Hand today set up a relief fund for the President Kruger Children’s Home in Pretoria that was robbed early this morning.

The home’s two minibuses and the children’s bicycles were stolen. One of the minibuses was found in Mpumalanga with the aid of a built-in tracking device, but the other minibus has so far not been found.According to Retha van der Merwe, the home’s marketing officer, the minibuses were insured, but the money they will get for the missing minibus will not nearly be enough to replace it. She says the minibuses are invaluable to the home, as the children are transported to and from school in them every day.“It is very sad that defenceless children who come from challenging circumstances have become victims of crime,” says Dr Danie Brink, Executive Director of Helping Hand. “Helping Hand wants to support the children’s home as much as possible during this crisis. We have therefore already contributed R10 000 towards a relief fund. Our hope is that with the public’s help, we will be able to replace most of the home’s losses.”

Helping Hand appeals to the public to contribute to the relief fund by SMSing “kinderhuis” to 38969 and in that way donating R10.

The President Kruger Children’s Home currently houses 63 Afrikaans children between the ages of two and 18 years. The children are placed at the home on the basis of a court order owing to various reasons.




Two readers each stand a chance to each win double (standing) tickets to the KINGS OF CHAOS performance on Sunday 30 November at 16:00 at Sun City’s Superbowl.

Seven original musicians (with more guests to be announced in the coming weeks) from various iconic international rock bands will show off their musical mastery in this one “Super Group”.

The impressive line-up of rock royalty includes, as a very special guest, Aerosmith`s iconic lead singer and songwriter Steven Tyler, performing in South Africa for the first time, alongside Guns n Roses musicians Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Gilby Clarke, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, Robin Zander from Cheap Trick and Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme.
Don`t miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience these iconic artists performing in the intimacy and comfort of South Africa`s very best.


Send a SMS to 074 158 0759 or an email to before 10 November. Start your SMS/email with the word KINGS accompanied by the following answers:

  1. Name, surname, contact number, age and residential area
  2. Where and when did you get this copy of the paper
  3. The name of one artist that will be performing at Sun City on 30 November.

Standard SMS rates apply. One SMS per sim card allowed.

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Four hundred and seventy eight St Mary’s DSG girls from Grade 6 to Grade 11 took part in a campaign called “Raise Your Hands for Girls” on 22 October at 07:30 in the school’s Diocesan Hall.

The campaign is to put a resolution forward to the United Nations (UN) that will make girl education a priority. Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl who has become a global symbol of a girl’s right to an education, has given her support to the “Raise Your Hand “campaign.

“We took a group photo with each girl raising a hand in the air to support the petition. This photo will be posted on our own social media and submitted to This will be our way of signing the petition,” says Deanne Broughton, marketing manager for St Mary’s DSG.

Voorblad pic 29 Oct ST marys


Die gewilde sanger, Joshua na die Reën is op 7 November met ‘n belowende vertoning by die Ewige Lig Gemeente in Montana.

Die vertoning begin om 19:00 en besprekings kan gedoen word by of by Martin by 082 850 3970.

Drie lesers staan ook die kans om elk dubbelkaartjies na die vertoning te wen.

SMS jou naam, nommer, ouderdom en woonarea na 074 158 0759 voor Woensdag 5 November om 13:00. Begin jou SMS met die woord JOSHUA. Slegs 1 SMS per simkaart.




MG car owners and collectors from Pretoria and surrounding areas met for the MG Car Club’s annual Jacaranda Run around the city on 19 October at the Union Buildings.

The car owners drove around the city and took pictures before meeting socially at the MG Clubhouse in Menlo Park. The owners all have different reasons for owning these classic cars.

“Before we moved here we stayed in England with our children – of course they are all grown up now  – but we used to travel around England with them in the MG we owned at that time, ” said Steve Eden, current chairperson of the MG Club in Pretoria.

Cars participating in the run included various models such as a 1954 MG TF, 1957 MGA roadster and more recent models produced in the 1990s. The first MGA was produced in 1955 and turns 60 in 2015.

“We socialize; we help each other with parts and we are also trying to maintain the breed. We introduce young people who might want to be owners in the future even if they can’t afford to buy the cars now,” said Hazell Eden who is also an enthusiast.

MG classic cars can cost anything from R100 000 to R500 000.


Photo: Shingai Mlilo

Photo: Shingai Mlilo




The University of Pretoria held its annual International Students Day on 17 October. Students from different cultures dressed in their traditional clothing and the event also included performances and exhibitions representing the different nations.

Mozambique won the first prize award for the best dance performance. “Since we don’t always get the opportunity to express ourselves it’s awesome that we can have at least one day to show what we are about as a nation,” said Mozambique’s representative, Angy Tembe.

“Last year I was a first year student and saw what happened. This year I decided to enter and participate,” said Raissa Basunga, a student from the DRC.


Fierce competition marked the national finals of the Spur High School Mountain Bike League that was hosted at Bekker School in Magaliesburg in October.

A record number of 355 riders representing the cream of high school mountain bike riders from more than 69 schools across South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe competed in the two-day event.

The team from Menlopark High School was on top form and secured four podium positions as well as logging a number of top ten positions to secure both the girls and mixed team national championship trophies, while Grey College in Bloemfontein won the boys team category.

According to Gauteng league coordinator, Deon Steyn, it was the depth of the Menlopark team that secured them the top spot proving that all efforts count.

Pretoria achievers were:

Sub Junior Boys (13-14) – three laps: second – Chris Du Plessis (160) of Menlopark HS in 00:40:29.

Youth Men A (15) – four laps: third – Johann Trotzky (256) of Montana HS in 00:53:40.

Youth Men B (16) – four laps: third – Henry Liebenberg (348) of Menlopark HS in 00:51:32

Youth Women – three laps: second – Saffron Vosloo (261) of Menlopark HS in 00:46:47 and third – Lynette Benson (292) of Waterkloof HS in 00:46:57.

Junior Women – four laps: first – Michelle Benson (98) of Waterkloof HS in 01:02:43 and second: Janice Venter (78) of Menlopark HS in 01:03:16

Top 20 boys teams:

  1. Menlopark HS (89 points)
  2. Montana HS (64 points)

Top 10 girls teams:

  1. Menlopark HS (73 points)
  2. Waterkloof HS (68 points)
  3. Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool Pretoria (54 points)
  4. Montana HS (45 points)

Top 10 mixed teams:

  1. Menlopark HS
  2. Montana HS


Gauteng team mates Janice Venter (Menlopark), Mignette Von Staden (Helpmekaar) and Michelle Benson (Waterkloof).

Gauteng team mates Janice Venter (Menlopark), Mignette Von Staden (Helpmekaar) and Michelle Benson (Waterkloof).


Jacques van Niekerk van Safari Tuinsentrum gee raad vir ‘n pragtuin

Die heerlike somerdae lê voor met nog ‘n tikseltjie aandag in die tuin vir ‘n kleurvolle en sorgvrye Kersfees.

Plant  nou vinnig eenjariges vir kleur oor Kersfees

Hitte en water is die belangrikste bestandele wat spoed verseker by blomsaailinge. Werk plantbeddings diep om met ‘n vurk, voeg ‘n rojale hoeveelheid goed verouderde kompos (Safari Kompos is net die ding!) en beenmeel teen twee bakhande per vierkante meter by en spit goed in. Voer saailinge met Vigorosa, Multifeed Flowergro of 3:1:5 vir vinnige, kleurvolle resultate. Sprinkel snywurmlokaas tussen plantjies en voila – ‘n meesterstuk!saf

Die kleur vir die feesseisoen is rooi en die keuse vir skaduwee is bloedrooi new guinea impatiens. Semi- of spikkelskadu is ideaal vir rooi begonias terwyl sonnige areas die grootste verskeidenheid bied soos portulacas, salies, hanekamme, lobelias, petunias en afrikanertjies. Rooi is egter niks sonder die basis van wit nie. Plant baie wit of ligter blomplantjies naby ontspanningsareas. Wit vertoon die beste in swak lig, tel die ander kleure op en skep ‘n romantiese atmosfeer. ‘n Mooi kombinasie vir volle son is byvoorbeeld rooi hanekamme met wit heuningblommetjies (alyssum) tussenin.

Plant meerjariges in kleure soos wit en blou vir ‘n koel atmosfeer. Blou Agapanthus, Felicia, Aristea en Plectranthus verleen ‘n heerlike koel gevoel aan enige tuin en is boonop inheems. Plant warm skakerings soos geel, oranje en rooi vir ekstra feestelikheid.

Belê in geharde fokusplante

Die ruggraat van enige tuin word gevorm deur plante wat meerjarig en gehard is. Dit verleen interessante fokus aan die ontwerp en is die basis waarom die res van die tuin gebou word. Fokusplante is ‘n belegging vir jou tuin. Hulle neem in waarde toe met ouderdom en word net al mooier. Doen jou huiswerk om te verseker dat wat jy aanskaf in hierdie kategorie val. So ‘n plant is die Japannese broodboom oftewel Cycas revoluta.

Die revoluta is uiters gehard en kan aanpas in bykans enige toestande. Dis net so mooi soos van die inheemse soorte, maar daar is geen gesukkel met permitte nie. Die groot bonus is die vinnige groeitempo en baie billike prys.

Hierdie palmagtige plant kan tot drie meter lank word met sytakke en verskeie blaarkrone en kan maklik tussen 50 en 100 jaar oud word. Plant die broodboom in volle son in grond wat goed dreineer. Revolutas is koudgehard en lyk op hulle beste in groepe met laaggroeiende grondbedekkers tussenin. Dit is ook uitstekende houerplante.

Nog ‘n fokusplant wat jy eenvoudig moet aanskaf is Agave geminiflora (miniatuur garingboom met netjiese groeiwyse). Agave geminiflora is een van die mees populêre fokusplante en die volwasse plant is werklik iets vir die oog met smal groen blare wat styf in ‘n digte roset gevorm word en die fyn, garingagtige, silwerwit fraiings wat soos versierings aan die blaarrande hang. Hierdie asemrowende fokusplant vorm ‘n perfekte ronde bal van 80 cm x 80 cm en ook lang blomstele van by die drie meter waarop massas liggeel blomme gedra word. Agave geminiflora is immergroen en  floreer in volle son of semi-skadu. Dit vertoon ook  uitstekend in houers.



Maak seker dat hoogstamme en ornamentele standaarde (lollipops) ordentlik gestut word met ‘n staal- of  houtstut sodat swaar, nat takke nie die stammetjies afbreek nie.  Maak vroegtydig geute, afvoerareas en dreineringsputte skoon om waterskade te vermy.  Voer grasperke na groot reënneerslae met KAN kunsmis teen 60 gram per vierkante meter om verlore voedingstowwe terug te plaas.

Plant plante soos Louisiana  irisse, kannas en varkore in areas waar grond vogtig bly of waar afloopwater vergader. Skuins areas moet verkieslik voor die reënseisoen beplant word met grondbedekkers wat die grond stabiliseer en verlies aan bogrond beperk.







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