sapDie Sinoville Polisiekantoor kyk terug op ‘n jaar van lekkerkry hoogtepunte, maar ook van pynvolle laagtepunte soos toe ‘n kollega, AO Ben Strydom op 24 Julie in die uitvoering van sy pligte vermoor is.

“Soms is ons werk baie ondankbaar”, sê Mirna von Benecke, woordvoerder van die Sinoville polisiestasie, “maar die goeie arrestasies en suksesse maak weer op daarvoor. Ons geduld en geloof is egter tot die uiterste beproef hierdie jaar.”

“Wat misdaad betref was van die laagtepunte vir seker die vlaag selfoonwinkels wat beroof is en diefstal uit motorvoertuie a.g.v. afstandbeheerpeutering”, sê sy. Maar die laagste laag was die moord van hul kollega en vriend. Dit het die stasie tot in sy fondamente geruk.

Van die hoogtepunte was die talle arrestasies wat gedoen is, waaronder sestien huisrowers en inbrekers, en tien dwelmhandelaars. Van hierdie verdagtes het ‘n lang lys van misdade gehad wat poging tot moord, besit van gesteelde eiendom en besit van ongelisensieërde vuurwapens en ammunisie ingesluit het.

Tydens een van die dwelm-arrestasies is daar op dwelms ter waarde van R11 000 beslag gelê. “As mens die waarde van al die dwelms waarop ons vanjaar beslag gelê het bymekaar tel, kom dit by ‘n aardige bedraggie uit”, sê Von Benecke.

Een van die hoë profiel sake waarby die Sinoville polisiekantoor betrokke was, is die arrestasie van die bekende Marilize van Emmenis – wat destyds in die video verskyn het in die Joost van der Westhuizen debakel – en haar kêrel, Wayne Ackerman, wat ook vir dwelms gearresteer is.

Dan is Laerskool Stephanus Roos se inbreker ook vasgetrek. Toe hy in Maart vanjaar by ‘n klas ingebreek het, is hy op kringtelevisie vasgelê. Hy is in November gearresteer. Verder het die polisie tydens verskeie skoonmaakoperasies dinge soos juwele, panga’s, dwelms, skroewedraaiers, skêre en verskeie ander huisbraaktoerusting in velde gevind en op beslag gelê.

Skole en kleuterskole in die Sinoville polisiëringsgebied is ook besoek om die band tussen die SAPD en die jeug te versterk.

Namens Sinoville Polisie versoek Von Benecke die gemeenskap om uiters waaksaam en veiligheidsbewus te wees. “Maak seker u voertuig se deure is gesluit wanneer u by sentrums parkeer, moenie persoonlike items op sitplekke sit waar grypdiewe dit maklik kan kry nie, hou u huis se deure en hekke ten alle tye gesluit, moenie straathoekverkopers en -bedelaars bemoedig deur hulle te ondersteun nie, dis hulle wat ‘n selfoon of skootrekenaar gryp wat in die oog is.”




IMG_0775 (2)

Photo by Lisa Dewberry

Residents of the east of Pretoria are concerned about dangers emerging from incomplete excavations in their suburbs allegedly due to municipality contractors not being appointed in advance or not coordinated to complete their part of a project straight after each other. Siobhan Muller, councillor for Ward 82, says pavements are being dug up with ditches and holes not filled in because the municipality waits to implement the tender process for a project only once the current contract expires.

According to her, this creates a four to six month standstill where services are not delivered because no contractor has been appointed which results in dangerous situations being left unattended while the tender process is being followed. Muller says nothing gets fixed during the period where no contractor has been appointed and it is a total breakdown in service delivery.

“The municipality should start the tender process before the previous contacts expires and all contracts should be put on a notification system so the municipality is notified six months before a contract expires. This will prevent a gap between contractors doing their part of the job. All contractors working on the same project should also be coordinated to do their jobs immediately after each other,” she says.

Logan Govender, resident of Ashlea Gardens, says a water pipe burst on the corner of Matroosberg and Maria Bronkhorst Streets possibly due to corrosion on 3 November. He says the pipe was repaired the same day but the hole on the pavement has not been filled or the pavement repaired to date.

“The hole is dangerous as it is open for anyone to fall into. With the recent rains the hole has been in a terrible state making the roads and pathway muddy and slippery. We are wondering how long it will take before the hole is filled up and want the municipality to deliver services since we pay our taxes,” he says.

Werner Nieuwoudt, resident of Lynnwood, says on the corner of Elizabeth Grove and Central Park Roads, contractors started digging a long ditch and a hole on the pavement in Lynnwood on 1 September which has been left open and unattended. He says it is a hazard for pedestrians and children riding their bicycles.

“The ditch is becoming a dumping site where people leave their litter and is now starting to grow grass. I am wondering why this area has been dug up and left unattended. The municipality needs to complete their work as it is a danger to people in the area,” he says.

Lindela Mashigo, spokesperson for Tshwane municipality, confirms that regarding the hole in Ashlea Gardens, final approval is still needed from the executive acquisition committee of the contract to appoint contractors and for backfilling and paving repairs to be done. She says the municipality has a notification system to warn when a contract will expire and the process for the Ashlea Gardens hole was implemented by the Water and Sanitation Division prior to expiration of the contract. Mashigo adds that the ditch in Lynnwood is being investigated by the service infrastructure department so the issue can be resolved speedily.



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imagesThe economy in South Africa is still very depressed.  The inflasion rate shows a downward tendency and interest rates most probably would only start rising at a very slow rate towards the end of 2015.

Due do the fact that the equity market is very volatile, conservative investors prefer to have a guaranteed return.

Sanlam has a special offer on guaranteed investment plans –  7% per year guaranteed for a 5 year period*.  Some banks also offer an almost similar rate – the difference being that on Sanlam’s investment plan the guaranteed amount is tax free in the hands of the investor.

That makes this an excellent opportunity for people who has a high marginal tax rate e.g. 40% tax rate means that 7% tax free return represents an 11% pre-tax interest rate.

Not only is the growth and return not taxable in the hands of the investor, capital fain tax will be paid by Sanlam.  At maturity the investor has a choice to leave the plan with Sanlam for further tax free capital growth or tax free income.  Withdrawals can be made at any stage after maturity date.

This investor can appoint a beneficiary so that in event of death, the money will not go to the estate thus saving 3,99% on executor’s fees.

The investment is also suitable for a trust.

* T&C’s apply.  Tariffs may vary from week to week.

To assist you in your efforts and for more information on portfolio analysis and investment/retirement planning contact  Elsabe Smith, a certified financial planner and a Fellow of the Internationally Affiliated Financial Planning Institute. Previously, for two years in succession, she was the top investment advisor in Sanlam, Gauteng North. She has also received the sought-after Golden Eagle reward from Sanlam for maintaining excellent performance and service levels. Via the Sanlam Glacier platform clients can access funds of Allan Gray, Investec, Coronation, and other asset managers.

Contact numbers:  Tel:  012 470 0414/470 0113

Fax: 086 516 3401 / Cell: 082 550 1302.    E-mail:

Address:  Sanlynn Building, c/o Lynnwood & Sanlam St, next to Glenfair Shopping Cent

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Solidariteit Helpende Hand takke het die laaste naweek in November bymekaar gekom om meer as ‘n 1000 skooltasse bymekaar gekry en gepak vir behoeftiges wat in 2015 graad een gaan aanpak. Die tasse bevat al die nodige toerusting om die skool jaar te begin . As ook n leesboekie wat ekslusief vir helpende hand geskryf is.

.Publiek kon ook n donasie maak van R200 en dan self ‘n tassie pak. Die tasse is by Kolonade Retail park gepak. Die projek was ‘n reuse sukses en daar gaan in Januarie 2015 sowat 4750 skool tasse landwyd by laerskole uit gedeel word

 Mareli Prinsloo (links) en Estee Croukamp (regs) het gehelp om die tassies te pak. Foto by Dorothy Wye

Mareli Prinsloo (links) en Estee Croukamp (regs) het gehelp om die tassies te pak. Foto by Dorothy Wye

Keep your funds yours this season
Tis the season to be jolly careful when it comes to online shopping

A list from Pay U of common fraud threats and the best tips for avoiding them, during Christmas.
What to look out for:

1. Phishing and Spoofing – Links in the email that take you to a fake website.

2. Identity Theft – By using ID numbers, passport details, addresses and dates of birth fraudsters can open fake bank accounts or shopping carts.

3. Social Engineering – The fraudster can use social media to get to know a person trick them into handing over their personal details.

4. Hacking and viruses/spyware – official-looking email or files and apps can be used to spy on individuals.

5. Scams – Malware-filled apps, fake eCard sites, fake travel agencies, fake online adverts and even fake charities can abound over Christmas.

10 ways to avoid becoming a victim:

1. Visit sites of South African banks and payment organizations to be informed  of the latest phishing, spyware and spoofing scams.

2. Always check the URL name of the link.

3. Install well designed security software.

4. Research the site.

5. Check the URL again.

6. Use reputable payment solutions.

7. Visit the site directly or give the business a call if you get a link.

8. Use complex passwords on all devices and for all online accounts.

9 Don’t hand out login details over the phone

10. Check bank statements regularly to make sure there are no suspicious transactions.



Tgyer Valley College’s annual market day took place on 21 November at the school for third grade learners.

The fun-filled event included the kids dressed in colourful casual clothing, sweet sale  stands, massage stands, tug-of-war and many other games providing entertainment for the kids.

“The Grade 3’s are asked to sell their own goods to teach them a little bit about working with money and how a small business is run. In the process they also gave 10% of their earnings to a charity,” said Mrs Lauren McNocher who is in charge of Marketing and Admissions at the school.

The 10 percent goes to a charity of choice every year and this year it went to Tshwane Place of Safety.

“Students had to come up with their own ideas on what to sell, they had to make or buy the items they needed and then they had to set up their own stall on the day. The parents were allowed to assist them in the making and selling of their goods. The learners also had to make their own posters to advertise their goods.” Mrs McNocher continued.

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In line with their motto of ‘caring’ Abbott’s College embarked on their Santa Shoe Box Drive, giving presents to the children at Abba House in Kilner Park on  28 November

The students from the college packed each present for the children according to age and gender.

“This was an initiative for acting out our motto of caring, we asked our students to actually fill the boxes, and to put something specific in the boxes, something soft, something to wear, something nice and sweet, something special and something to keep.” The Principal of the school Mr Jansen Van Rensburg said.

“I am as excited as the kids, this is our first Christmas party here at Abba house, I always tell people everyone can be involved whether it is adopting the kids or taking care of them,” said Mrs Sylvi Bodemer the managing director of Abba House.


Abbott’s packed 60 gifts for Abba house

Abbott’s packed 60 gifts for Abba house



Helping SA is a non-profit charity orginization that assists destitute children, the elderly and  mentally disabled adults. Their goal this year is to make Christmas special for these people who have suffered throughout this year. Helping SA will be hosting Christmas parties for these people to make them feel loved and to perhaps make a little wish or 2 come true, or just to give a basic necessity                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    You can put a smile on someone’s face and give them a warm and fuzzy feeling by donating.

The fundraising will be done/achieved by asking for a R100 donation, in return, you will receive a sky lantern, (symbolic of the light you shone on others by assisting with this drive), and an invoice to claim back from tax. Please also visit our website to see our previous Christmas drives. Please help us to make this one a memorable one for all. If you are making a donation through the bank please reply to this email with your details and postal address to ensure you receive your lantern


                            Hope you can find it your heart to assist with a donation



ACC NR; 4080925296


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Reader’s letter

Dear Eastern Times

Coen & Melanie Brink

Coen & Melanie Brink

We would just like to Thank You! and all the sponsers for the awesome Kings of Chaos tickets we won! What a day and what a party it was! The meal was spectacular and I have no words for the show other than mind blowing!

We ended up right in front with all the legends such as Steve Tyler from Aerosmith, Duff McKagan from Guns n Roses less than 5 meters from us! What a priviledge and epic experience this was!

Thanks for the day out and new bar wall photos to brag with!

Coen & Melanie Brink

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The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China made a donation to the National Zoological Gardens (NGZ) in the amount of R100000. The donation will help support the Zoological Gardens in taking care of the rhinos adopted by the embassy on 3 December and contribute to the operations of the zoo.

“The Chinese Embassy is proud to enter into co-operation with the NZG in order to help our South African friends protect wildlife. We hope our humble efforts will encourage others to join in this cause.” said Mr Yang Yirui, the Embassy’s Chargé d’affaires in his speech.

The country’s embassy adopted 5 rhino’s from the zoo to help in the fight against poaching of these animals. Up to 1020 Rhino’s have been killed in South Africa during the year of 2014 for their rhino horns which provide ivory for poachers.

: Mr Yang Yirui, the Chinese embassy’s charge d’affaires speaks at the National Zoological Gardens (NZG), in Pretoria, South Africa, on Dec 3 2014.

: Mr Yang Yirui, the Chinese embassy’s charge d’affaires speaks at the National Zoological Gardens (NZG), in Pretoria, South Africa, on Dec 3 2014.



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