3 mistakes you’d want to avoid when hiring a national moving service

The service that movers can provide
So, you’ve finally decided to get a national moving service to help you move the distance. It may be just a few hours close like Johannesburg to Pretoria, or a long drive from Cape Town to Polokwane – movers will cover and face the hassles of transporting your stuff for you.

However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies!National Move
But for all the moving companies out there, it is vital you find a perfect one that suits your need. And it’s best to avoid those that might give you more of a headache than you moving your stuff yourself.
Complaints have been rampant recently that moving companies provide some unsatisfactory service, but don’t lose hope, as even with these said complaints a good number of moving companies still have a great reputation for presenting customers with high-quality performance.
What should be done to avoid unnecessary stress and prevent possible disasters (figuratively and financially) when hiring a national moving service? We have a quick list for your reference!

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3  things to avoid when choosing a national moving service
When finally choosing your mover, please DO NOT:
1.    Make quick decisions – sometimes it’s a tendency to give in to sweet talk – we go with the most enticing and cheapest. Most of the time, customers go for the best speaking, lowest priced mover but fail to do their own research. Make sure you get to see every nook and cranny before getting into a conclusion! Don’t be too quick to decide.
2.    Hold back any questions – you may be shy to ask your mover some questions like, how will you handle everything? Or are there any more charges? Will you need anything else? Don’t hold back any questions as everything is important to know about your move!
3.    Hold back any information – this works vice versa as well. Tell your mover all the specific details of how you want things done and what to expect. This will avoid any potential added charges, confusion, and conflicts along the way! This article was only made possible by the contributions from Active Transport

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