Four reasons to confirm why a miter saw is better than a band saw – 2017 version

miter saw with standThe four primary reasons to confirm why a miter saw is better than a band saw in 2017 are its versatility in cutting wood, price range, portability and ease of adjustments. However there is one limitation.

Band saw can be used to cut more types of materials like plastic, metal and others whereas miter saw is mostly used for cutting wood. But the precision of output from the miter saw is far superior compared with the band saw.

Versatility tells you why a miter saw is better than a band saw

  • The best 12 sliding miter saw can be used for making straight line cuts as well as angled cuts at different positions on the material. The precision can be measured up to micro meters while it is not so with a band saw.
  • The types of cut on the miter saw are also more versatile compared to top rated band saws of 2017. You can easily make bevel cut, miter cut, cross cut and rip cut by adjusting the angle of the blade on both directions (left and right). In case of compound sliding miter saw you can move the tool to any position on the work table and perform the cuts. In case of a band saw you have to move the material with respect to the tool which could be more cumbersome and irritating at times especially if the material is long and wide.
  • Bevel adjustments are easier in case of miter saw. Once the base angle is set at zero you could turn it to any angle of precision according to your choice. Here you don’t need to move the material at all. This will automatically ensure near zero kickback on the material. Bevels can range from 0-degree to 49+ degrees with more number of positive stops compared to the conventional band saw.
  • The process of changing blades is easier in case of miter saw compared to saw. You don’t need to dismount the material as the blade guard can be lifted up. This consumes less time and makes it more hassle free.
  • Miter saw is relatively safer to operate than a band saw, especially for novice users.
  • Miter saw has more advanced versions supported by LED lights, which gives precise alignments without having to calibrate the device frequently. Band saw is relatively conventional in this part since you need to recalibrate the tool frequently once you change blade.
  • Miter saw has a higher visibility scale compare to the band saw.

Ease of Portability tells you why a miter saw is better than a band saw

Disassembling a miter saw is faster than a band saw. A typical miter saw weighs an average of 56LBS while an average Band saw weighs 123.45 LBS.

Price Range

An average Miter saw with 6000RPM speed costs about $125 while a band saw of the same capacity costs 4 to 5 times more.

Ease of Adjustments

Sliding and angular movements make miter saw easier and faster to adjust than the band saw which tells you why a miter saw is better than a band saw.

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